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On 8/3/19, the trailhead parking lot for Clingmans Dome was closed, due to flooding, and cars were routed back and parking along the road. I pulled my Nissan RV van to the shoulder of the road and quickly felt it slide to the right on the sloped, wet grass and mud. The right front wheel was within an inch or two of the very steep slope, and it it was very close to rolling into NC (it is quite top heavy). My wife and I carefully climbed out, and after a nervous wait, Jay came with the truck and dragged my *** back onto the road. It was touch-and-go for a while, but he knew his stuff and got me back on the road with no damage. Thank you, thank you! A case of a Colorado driver realizing that the Smokey Mtns are for real!
Brakes went out on our 31ft RV coming down from Smokey Mtn Park mid-afternoon on a Friday and luckily were able to stop in a pull over area. Reservation Auto (Rusty) responded and towed us to his shop. With almost no-one available late Friday or working on Saturday Rusty made several calls and found someone to help us to limit the disruption to our vacation. He went beyond that expected of a business even as far as offering a personal vehicle if we needed it and use of his shop amenities for our comfort. We were ultimately able to get our problem addressed and on our way in short order. It gives us hope that there are still compassionate people left in the world where there is too much greed and uncaring. If you need a tow around Cherokee NC, you'll be smart to give him a call. Thanks again Rusty! You are not only a good business man but a great person too.
My suburbans trans went out almost to Gatlinburg reservation towing was there right on time.Made my kids feel better the driver was great with me my wife and especially my kids thanks jay was great to meet you.Thank you to rusty the owner.You need to take there number if you headed to the mountains they are the ones to call no one else i called had there concern about helping.Thanks so much reservation towing
Above and beyond. Made a bad day a good day. Creativity is key with these guys. Prompt, courteous and professional. Good people.
Prompt and friendly. Clean trucks and courteous drivers.

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